• Immediate expert helpin traumatic times.
    Immediate expert help
    in traumatic times.
  • Open and productivecommunicationresolves conflict.
    Open and productive
    resolves conflict.
  • Reducing sickness absence andtackling stress can have apositive effect on employeecommitment to work.
    Reducing sickness absence and
    tackling stress can have a
    positive effect on employee
    commitment to work.
  • Staff retention,protecting your investment.
    Staff retention,
    protecting your investment.
  • Feeling great,working well.
    Feeling great,
    working well.
  • Effective managers areessential to your business.
    Effective managers are
    essential to your business.
Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Assistance Programmes

Comprehensive employee support.
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Care first Vitality

Care first Zest

Interactive health management portal
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Critical Incident

Critical Incident

Response to traumatic events.
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Reduce Stress


Comprehensive services to help reduce stress.
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